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tv   CBS News Bay Area Evening Edition 530pm  CBS  November 16, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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more demand for their services than ever. >> we will show you how the volunteers are stepping up to help and how to get involved in our food for bay area family's donation drive. >> kpix 5 your community station. and we know there is a problem in our community. one in six face food insecurities going into the holidays. and to face the profile of the hunger in our community are changing. so many people are coming out of the pandemic, still experiencing those affects. the table to be so d wewant to talk about volunteerism because as rochelle will tell me here at redwood empire food bank, people watching might say well, i don't have a lot of change to give. i can't give a lot of money, but you can give your time, right? >> it is so valuable. i mean the most precious resources we have is time. the fact we have over 10,000 volunteers who give their time year round to help us. it's the equivalent of over 45 full-time staff. and we just couldn't be more grateful to
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have these people here. >> and i've had a chance today to get to know some of your volunteers, to see their why and why they step forward to do this. some of the volunteers say i do this because it makes me feel like i have a purpose in our community. what do you think the pay off is here? other than making sure people are fed? >> they get a lot out of it, more than you would think. comradery has come up a lot. i've seen volunteers become friends with other volunteers. they continue relationships outside of the redwood empire food bank. it is just so special to see. >> reporter: if you're watching this right now and you're at home and you feel alone, you feel like maybe you're without a purpose in life. look to these opportunities to volunteer here. food banks are all over the bay area. this is just one of many food banks and a network of food banks. this is your opportunity to really think about hey, what's the condition of my heart? how am i feeling? how can i bring a little bit of love to my life? there are the ripple effects
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that will affect so much and people are still rebounding. tell me about the need out there in the community? >> there's the pandemic. but we've also got inflation, recession, all those things that are bubbling up. we are actually seeing more people coming through our food lines than we did during the peak pandemic year, which we thought was the most we have ever served. now we are moving towards that same goal again, which is very sad to see. but thankfully we will have the supportive community, and we wouldn't be able to do it without them. >> reporter: the pandemic may be over, but the need is great. if you want to do something about it and step off the curb in march with these great foot soldiers. in oakland about 200 families at ucfs went home with fresh groceries and recipes. the hospital's food pharmacy and the alameda county food bank. hospital staff and volunteers say it is an important service for families that helps to ensure their young patients can live healthy lives at home. and with thanksgiving just around the
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corner, it is more important now than ever. >> it's really the difference between having a wonderful experience next week. and not a wonderful opportunity for people to get healthy grains, fruits, vegetables, where they may otherwise not have access. >> the food pharmacy hosts two giveaways per month for patient families. they offer whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and protein all free of charge. more than two dozen members of an l.a. county sheriff department recruiting class were hurt today after a wrong-way driver plowed into them while the group was on the training run. cbs reporter danya bacchus has the very latest from woodier. >> reporter: the l.a. county sheriff says 25 los angeles county sheriffs department recruits are hurt after this suv drove into them while they were on a training run. >> tragedy struck our department. they were running information heading northbound when a vehicle that was traveling southbound veered into the northbound lanes and
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struck the formation. >> reporter: the recruits were hit just before 6:30 this morning near their training facility in whittier. a suburb a few miles southeast of los angeles. >> 25 recruits were injured. 16 were minor injures. >> these young people are getting ready to put themselves in the line of danger in their career. who knows that while you're training to do that, you are actually in harm's way. >> reporter: the injured recruits received quick medical treatment. crews working in a nearby fire station heard the crash and rushed to the scene. >> the chaos that ensued said it looked like an airplane wreck with different stages of injuries that it was pretty traumatic for all individuals involved. >> reporter: the 22-year-old suv driver suffered minor injuries. >> we're going to look at the totality of this incident from an intentional act to distracted driving to possibly
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impaired driving to an accident. >> reporter: police say the driver is being detained while the investigation continues. danya bacchus cbs news, whittier, california. >> the sheriff says the range of serious injuries included head trauma, broken bones, and loss of limb. the trainees included recruits for the sheriff's department and several local police agencies. the head of the berkeley police officers union is taking a leave of absence. it comes after a fired officer released racist and anti-homeless text messages allegedly sent by other officers including bpa president. the city has now delayed the confirmation of interim chief, jennifer lewis, to the full-time position until there is a full investigation. >> and to be honest, i do not have faith in the chief. my belief comes from my interactions or maybe lack thereof of the actions with
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her. >> and now jennifer lewis says she was not aware of the tweets and would have reported them if she was. berkeley police union says they support calls for an independent investigation. the collapse of crypto exchange ftx could be bad news for steph curry. curry is among a number of celebrities named under the new lawsuit alleges ftx was a, "massive ponzi scheme larger than the madoff scheme." only successful with the help of celebrities and influencer. tom brady and his wife were also named in that lawsuit. the golden state warriors were also named in that suit. let's take a live look at capitol hill now where senate democrats are calling for bipartisan efforts to protect daca recipients from deportation. the obama era program is tied up in court. alex padilla says protections for dreamers should stay in
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place. >> dreamers are entrepreneurs. and collectively as consumers, they contribute millions to our economy. our nation is greater because of their contributions, and it is absolutely wrong to deny them access to the american dream. >> there are more than 800,000 daca recipients nationwide. well someone in san bernardino just struck it rich. >> one very lucky winner matched all five numbers in the mega millions drawing last night. the winning ticket was sold at this very lucky shell gas station on el camino real. i'm going to go to that gas station the next time they have a drawing. that ticket now worth more than $2 million. well still ahead, new developments in a deadly missile strike near the border of poland and ukraine. the latest on the blast and what nato members are now saying. we could see no kill chicken in stores in restaurants. the bay area company making it all possible. we ask you to please
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consider helping out our food for bay area family's drive to donate and volunteer their time. go to or scan the qr code right there on your
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tonight nato's secretary general says a deadly missile strike probably wasn't an attack by russia. but it appears to be an accident involving ukraine's air defense system. nato envoys met for emergency talks about the blast that killed two people on a polish farmland near ukraine's border. it came as russia launched widespread aerial strikes across ukraine and immediately sparked concern that moscow might be broadening the war. >> we've seen nothing that contradicts the president's
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preliminary assessment that this explosion was most likely the result of a ukrainian air defense missile that unfortunately landed in poland. >> nato says they have no indication that russia is preparing any action against any of its member countries. the man who killed six people when he drove his suv through a christmas parade in milwaukee last year had to be removed from court during his sentencing hearing today. >> do not interrupt me or you will be removed to the other courtroom. >> now you want to sit up here. >> stop now. >> reporter: well during his outburst, darrell brooks jr. offered his first apology to the victims families and the dozens of other people hurt in the crash, yelling at the judge that he has suffered from mental illness for years and that he didn't plan to drive into the parade. the judge eventually had him removed beforehanding him a sentence of life in prison for each of the six people he killed. and a bay area company makes a landmark move paving the way for no kill meat here
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in the u.s. upside food just became the first company to receive a green light from the fda for its cultivated chicken. its chicken meat from real animal cells instead of slaughter. this is video they provided from inside the plant where they grow chicken filets by feeding the cells nutrients and vitamins. >> eventually you harvest that and it is delicious meat. it might sound scary, but it is actually just a new way of making the meat we love. all right, the next step and it's a big one, approval from the usda, upside food predicts we could see cultivated chicken in stores and restaurants in a little over a year. well still ahead, nasa's moon mission finding a new way. >> and ahead in sports, is tonight the night for the warriors? they're coming home
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and a local football team wants everybody's punch line. well nobody is laughing now. stick around. coming up, part two of the shortage. the solutions on how to support the backbone of america's healthcare system. we've got that and more news
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okay, paul, we have another one for you. this has to be one of the most stunning images we've seen yet from nasa's web telescope. >> the colors are just unbelievable. the colorful hourglass is actually the cosmic chaos caused by a very young distant star. the so-called protostar is only 100,000 years old. for comparison, our sun has been around for approximately 4.6 billion years. and nasa says this image gives us an idea of what our solar system looked like in the very beginning. those beautiful orange and blue clouds will compress over time and could eventually form planets. >> wow. how does that work, paul in >> gravity. >> okay. all the little bits of stuff get drawn to each other and get drawn to each other. then they smash together and form planets. >> i knew you would know that. >> it's pretty cool. >> yeah, it is cool. let's talk about our weather on our planet. then we'll let you kind
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of nerd out on that at your own leisure. some patchy clouds out there floating through, a beautiful sunset this evening. the last rays of light fading off the horizon. a mix of clouds and sunshine in stored for us on sunday. and then dry, mild conditions over the weekend. the next rain chance though is in the forecast by monday night into tuesday. looks like tuesday will bring the best chance in the bay area. it's a dry forecast for the rest of the week and the weekend, but a decent chance of rain in the forecast monday night into tuesday. now it's not a 100% chance all the way to the top of the scale here. but it's looking pretty good for day six of the seven-day forecast. we hope those chances will keep going up. we hope the amounts will keep going up. one of the forecast models, very optimistic about the amount of rain we could pick up to potentially close to an inch of rain for some of the higher elevation spots north of the golden gate. that's probably too optimistic. the forecast model saying don't hold your horses anywhere from a tenth of
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an inch to a little over a quarter of an inch on the high end of things, regardless of how it will bring us and that it will bring us some rain. it's not edged in stone that we'll see that rain being delivered to us. we'll keep you updated. it's likely to be snow for the high sierra anywhere for a few to several inches of snow just in time for the thanksgiving holiday. all the folks that are heading up there for the following weekend. the fresh layer of snow up there. there is the last of the sunset as we look towards the golden gate. temperatures today were warmer than average across the board. made it up to 65 in pacifica. 70 in san francisco. 70 in oakland and san jose and 73 degrees in santa rosa. temperatures are now backing down. we've got mostly 50s on the map, the warmest spots, still clinging to the 60s, but the sun has been down for almost an hour. so our temperatures do drop off quickly this time of the year. we'll see that fog potentially redevelop along the coast inside the bay. showing up in the bright whites. the dollar shade of the gray is the cloud covers up as the fog dissipates, those clouds higher
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up will be drifting through the bay area tomorrow. potentially putting the brakes along with a chilly start to the breeze. even the layer will not be sufficient enough to hold more ground level temperatures. but 40 degrees inland. low 40s around the bay with the high temperatures tomorrow. a degree or two of what's normal for this time of the year. low to mid-60s, mostly inland with some of the warmer spots reaching up into the upper 60s. a little bit of a warm up with the offshore breezes return like the last offshore wind event we would have yesterday. it won't be strong enough to boost the fire threat, but we'll keep an eye on it just in case. back to near normal temperatures on saturday, sunday, monday. then the rain chance arrives on tuesday. maybe signs of an active pattern. we'll look at the two-week outlook coming up at 6:00. >> thanks, paul. we switch over to juliette goodrich. >> thank you so much, ryan. coming up at 6:00, an unusual parking crackdown in one east bay city. get this, police are ticketing people who park in their own front yards out of
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their driveways. we saw it all over the place today. why some neighbors say a plan to clean up the streets is leaving them in a tough spot. plus a native american tribe that was the first to call the bay area home is fighting for recognition. the new effort to bring their history to life. for those stories and more, let's head to vern in sports. all right, the warriors still looking for their first road win this season. they're at the phoenix suns tonight, moving pictures on the show. klay thompson was ejected the last time they were in the desert last month. anthony lamb has evolved into a part of the second unit, averaging 10 points over the last five games, shooting 54% from three. now if only he was just settling on the nickname. >> there's lamb chops. everything going around it,
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lamb, nothing around anthony. the 49ers enjoy the day off getting acclimated to the altitude of colorado springs. at the air force academy to get ready for the monday night football game in mexico city. practice squad offensive lineman gutierrez won't get to play in the game, but it is still a special trip. he grew up in mexico and told me before he left this will be an expensive trip home. >> more than 50, but even more than that. and even more than that, but i will talk to my family. and we find them online. but it wasn't that crazy. but for a moment i thought they were going to go broke. all right, this is a pretty good one right here. for six straight years, st. mary's panthers football have been shoved around by opponents. and so how is it in one season with the same guys. they made so
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much noise from a sleepy area along the berkeley albany border. >> what does it feel like to be champions? it wasn't always like this. >> i think everybody will just buy in like this. when you lose a certain amount of time, it doesn't matter anymore. you just need to do whatever you can take. >> look at those records. st. mary's, they had not had a winning record since 2015. >> and we need that first down right here. >> reporter: that all changed when he became the team's third head coach in the last three seasons. >> i asked him on day one to buy him one time. and it's the senior group that was ready to do that. >> we have been through those hours, so we want to go out with a bang. we are just really buying in. >> reporter: st. mary's has built the record of 11-0. >> i didn't see it coming, but i would have believed them. seeing them work out. and all the work the coaches have put in. we got here for a reason,
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not by look. >> a lot of guys on that roster would play offense and defense. but they're standing in the way of the semi final games saturday 1:00 at st. mary's. i was there last week. i expect the crowd to be doubled. >> i know you have love for st. mary's, but go for the spartans. >> that's right. the hall of famer right here, the proud alumni. >> do i have a wager coming? >> maybe. the music might be the unofficial anthem of the holiday season. >> but they ruled how mariah carey is not the queen of christmas, what? the u.s. patent and trademark office
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denied the singer's application to trademark the phrase along with qoc and princess christmas. >> with that trademark, carey would have had rights to sue anybody using the terms or selling products with the phrasing on it. she also would have been able to collect licensing fees and royalties. >> i always called my mom the queen of christmas. if she got it, i wouldn't be able to say that tim. >> you still need to listen to the song though. >> it is a privilege to listen to that song. and talking about how we have to listen to it. still ahead here at 5:00, releasing new images from space following the lift off from artemis 1. the latest on the historic launch.
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multiple delays, the new artemis rocket is finally on its way to orbit the moon. >> reporting on this important first step to making a giant leap after landing astronauts on the lunar surface. >> reporter: we are getting our first images of the orion capsule of the most powerful rocket. >> it's like the first moon launch in 50 years, right? that is historical. >> reporter: the artemis i mission launched after eight months of back and forth from
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the launch pad. it was delayed by two hurricanes and numerous technical issues including hydrogen leaks. new leaks showed up on tuesday night just before the launch window opened. a group of nasa technicians known as the red crew were sent onto the launch pad to assess and fix the leak. >> my heart was pumping. my nerves were gone. but yeah, we showed up today. >> reporter: the rocket has sent the orion capsule with no astronauts on board on a journey around the moon. in 25 days, it's expected to splash down in the pacific. the artemis program is named after apollo's mythical twin sister. nasa is planning on sending astronauts to the moon as early as 2025, 50 years after the apollo program ended. >> this is just the test flight. we are stressing it and testing it to make it as safe as possible and as reliable as
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possible. >> reporter: nasa says the ultimate goal from this test flight and the artemis moon mission is to also send a crew to mars one day. >> watching it last night was hard not to get a little emotional. it is so spectacular and such an amazing effort for them to get it up. that's it for the news at 5:00. cbs news bay area with juliette goodrich starts right now. parking is always a hot topic around the bay area. there is an interesting dilemma in one east bay city. police are ticketing people for parking on their own property. families hit with hefty fines for parking in their own front yards. and some tell us they don't have much of a choice. >> if i park like right here in front of my house, i'm afraid one of my cars will get hit. >> why the city decided it's time to get tough. san jose finally has a new mayor. we'll hear from both candidates about what's next. >> it's the best of our
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democracy. >> i really believe even today that i would be the best person to be able to get that work done. >> a threat ahead of the holidays. the new warning about the flu, rsv, and covid cases. the clinic trying to protect one of the bay area's most at-risk communities. >> we want this community of essential workers to be protected. >> they were the first to call the bay area home and they're fighting for recognition. the new effort to help bring their history to life. city. they are telling people it's time to get their cars out of their front yards. they're actually going to start ticketing people who


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